Hangsen High VG

These are the new TPD compliant Hangsen E Liquids, they have been fully tested and comply with the new EU TPD regulations.

This new Hangsen TPD compliant range is now packaged in small boxes with all the relevant information required under the new rules.

The costs of testing as well as new packaging has slightly increased the price of Hangsen for us.

We've tried our best to absorb of much of this as possible, here is the new pricing structure.

Hangsen High VG TPD Compliant Pricing

Buy 5+ @ 1.99 Each

Buy 10+ @ 1.89 Each

Buy 20+ @ 1.79 Each

Buy 30+ @ 1.69 Each

Buy 40+ @ 1.59 Each

The TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) fiasco has been going on for a considerable time, but now we are close to the implementation date when it will be passed into UK law.
The arguments have raged on and on, but we just want to inform our customers how the new regulations will affect their vaping lifestyle.

The main points are:

1) The maximum strength of Nicotine liquids will be limited to 20mg
2) The maximum size of refill bottles containing Nicotine liquid will be 10ml
3) The maximum capacity of any tank/clearomiser etc will be 2ml
4) Include new labelling requirements and warnings
5) Require e-cigarettes and e-liquids be notified to heath regulators before they can be sold
6) The deadline to sell old non compliant stock is May 20th 2017

All Nicotine liquids and tanks will have to be tested and notified to the EU in order to gain an EC ID number which will allow them to be sold

The good news is despite these over the top regulations, there are lot of products on the market and in development that comply, so the industry is now future proof


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