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At the heart of our operations is passion and trust as we strive to meet our goal of being the most trusted e-liquid brand with a vision to constantly develop unique flavours that astound your palate.

Vampire Vape is an established e-liquid brand first launched in 2012 with a mere selection of 12 flavours. Now we’re a global company with over 60 flavours, our most notable being Pinkman and Heisenberg that have scooped multiple awards from prestigious events.

Cool Blue Slush Vampire V...


Vampire Vape’s Cool Blue Slush serves up classic summery flavour with an icy twist. Based on the iconic blue slushie, Cool Blue Slush e-liquid blends blueberry and raspberry for a refreshing, nostalgi..

Cool Green Slush Vampire ...


Cool Green Slush e-liquid from the Vampire Vape Shortz range is a citrus vape with a difference. Reminiscent of the neon green slushies we all used to love, Cool Green Slush is a tangy lime liquid wit..

Cool Red Slush Vampire Va...


Cool Red Slush is a refreshing short fill blend from Vampire Vape’s Shortz range. Inspired by the classic slushie flavour, Cool Red Slush e-liquid is a frosty cocktail of raspberries, strawberries and..

Get Cubed KONCEPTXIX by V...


Everyone’s sweet shop favourite, Koncept XIX Get Cubed takes the classic cola cube fizz and gives it a little extra sweetness for a deliciously nostalgic taste of your childhood. Get Cubed is a per..

Highland Soda Vampire Vap...


Highland Soda the fantastic flavour, inspired by Scotland’s second favourite libation, after Whiskey! The fizzy orange hints will make your taste buds tingle! This ingenious liquid is sure to cause a ..

Phat Drizzle KONCEPTXIX b...


An absolutely irresistible blend from the Baked collection in the Koncept XIX range, Koncept XIX Phat Drizzle takes sumptuous vanilla sponge cake and tops it with a decadent drizzle of caramel for a d..

Pinkman KONCEPTXIX by Vam...


The partner in crime of Koncept XIX Heisenberg, Pinkman is now part of the Original collection within the Koncept XIX range. Another firm favourite, and for good reason, Koncept XIX Pinkman is a delic..

Purple Fusion Vampire Vap...


Purple Fusion is a juicy addition to the Shortz collection that comes with a magnificent blend of grape and pineapple. It's a one of a kind e-liquid that is brimming with lush flavours. This fruit coc..

Sourade Vampire Vape Shor...


Sourade is an intense flavour that truly captures the ripeness of the lemon with a sharp sour kick. The blended citrus liquid is a brilliant choice for those with a hankering for all things sour. The ..

Sticky Spot KONCEPTXIX by...


A match made in heaven: Koncept XIX blends fresh strawberry with the smooth sweetness of toffee for an indulgent, juicy vape. Part of the Sweet collection within the Koncept XIX range, Sticky Spot ..

Strawbizzle Vampire Vape ...


Strawbizzle is a rejuvenating liquid that is like no flavour out there. The standard strawberry flavour has been flipped on its head producing a liquid that is nothing short of revolutionary. With eac..

Dawn E Liquid - Vampire V...


Vampire Vape Dawn e liquid, available in Nicotine strengths 6mg, 12mg & 18mg - 10ml 50/50 PG/VG A MIXTURE OF THE DARKEST FRUITS OF THE FOREST WITH A COOL KICK , ONE FOR THE HEISENBERG LOVERS!1..

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