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Even the most basic E cigarette or vape pen has to have some kind of tank element. The tank is where the E Liquid is stored and vaporised by your coil. However, as you move onto more advanced vaping hardware and perhaps choose to try a box mod kit, the vape tanks you can choose from become more diverse and have a wider range of features. Your vape tank plays a key role in the quality of your experience, the intensity of the flavour you enjoy and cloud production, and different tanks are optimised for different things.
Vape Tanks are usually made from glass or strong polycarbonate plastic. Most kits come complete with tank, but the tank included may not be the right one for your ideal vaping experience. Some vape tanks are very basic and simply ensure you can quickly and easily vape your chosen E Liquid, while others are more advanced. Some vape tanks on the market incorporate special features such as airflow control to further personalise your vape. Adjustable airflow allows you to control the tightness of your draw. A cigarette style draw is referred to as "restricted" or "tight", and is best for getting maximum flavour in mouth-to-lung tanks. You'll need to close the airflow ring most of the way for a tighter draw. Most direct-to-lung vapers prefer an "airy" or "loose" draw, which is achieved by opening up the airflow to allow more air in every time you inhale. This produces much bigger clouds.

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Kanger Evod BCC Vape Tank...

Kanger Evod BCC Vape Tank...


Easy to fill and refill, the cartomisers feature a metal tube with clear viewing windows and changeable coils with wicks at the bottom so they always stay wet and produce vapour right down to almost t..

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