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Cashback - Explained

Cashback Terms & Conditions

Subject to these Terms and Conditions, you will be eligible receive a cashback reward when you open a free account with ShoptoStop and you purchase products from

Earning your cashback

You will earn 5% cashback on all completed purchases at

Cashback is calculated as 5% of total order spend and not order value.

We might sometimes offer promotional cashback rates. If we do, we will tell you about additional terms and conditions that apply to the promotional rates at the time of the offer.

You can see your cashback balance online under 'Transactions' in your ShoptoStop account.

If you receive a refund for a purchase, the original purchase will no longer qualify for cashback and we will adjust your cashback balance to reflect this.

Redeeming your cashback

When we give you your cashback, we will credit it directly to your cashback account balance. It will be classed as a credit in your ShoptoStop account.

All cashback earned can only be used on further purchases at

Cashback cannot be withdrawn/refunded back to you.

If there was an error at the time of order relating to cashback, we will adjust your cashback account accordingly. 

If we have reasonable grounds for suspecting that you have acted fraudulently you will lose your cashback balance and you will not be able to earn any cashback in the future.

Closing your account

You will only earn cashback while you hold your account. You will stop earning cashback from the date that you close your account.

If you close your account, you will also lose your cashback balance on the date that the account is closed.

ShoptoStop reserves the right to withdraw, amend or terminate the promotion without notice.

Address for correspondence is ShoptoStop, 5 Black Moss Court, Radcliffe, Manchester, M26 3EL, UK

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