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IVG Blackberg E Liquid 10...


IVG Blackberg E Liquid is a cool and fruity blend. A combination of blueberry and blackcurrant flavours on inhale gives this mix a sweet and juicy base, enhanced on exhale by a wave of ice. Blackbe..

IVG Blackcurrant Millions...


IVG Blackcurrant Millions E Liquid is a balanced fusion of fruit and candy notes. The blackcurrant flavour on question comes through straight away with authentic juicy notes and a slight tart edge. ..

IVG Blue Raspberry E Liqu...


IVG Blue Raspberry E Liquid features a strong and sharp blue raspberry flavour as it’s base, this fruit is very sweet and edges towards tart. To finish there’s a layer of ice, that when combined wi..

IVG Bubblegum Millions E ...


IVG Bubblegum Millions E Liquid is made up of sweet and fruity notes. A distinctive bubblegum flavour comes through on inhale with a vibrant sugary taste. A slight blueberry note is mixed with a chewy..

IVG Cherry Waves E Liquid...


IVG Cherry Waves E Liquid combines a fruit flavour with a cool twist. The cherry flavour on inhale is of the dark variety so not only is it sweet it also has tart notes for a balanced vape, a wave of ..

IVG DESSERTS Jam Roly Pol...


IVG Desserts Jam Roly Poly E Liquid is a dessert blend with a sweet and fruity finish. The pastry flavour is sweet and buttery with a taste like a traditional sponge, dusted with powdered sugar. Th..

IVG MENTHOL Blackberg 50m...


IVG Menthol Blackberg E Liquid is a combination of Blueberries and blackcurrant twisted with a signature Menthol cooling effect. Adding an 18mg 10ml nicotine shot to 50ml IVG e-liquid creates 60ml ..

IVG MENTHOL Rainbow Blast...


IVG Menthol Rainbow Blast E Liquid is a medley of tropical fruit flavours. Inspired by your favourite fruit sweets, you’ll detect strawberry, lemon, orange and tropical fruit hints. All this is rounde..

IVG Neon Lime E Liquid 10...


IVG Neon Lime E Liquid is a fusion of citrus with a cool note. On inhale a combination of lemon and lime flavours creates a blend of sweet and sharp taste, a icy exhale cools things down for a smooth ..

IVG POPS Blue Lollipop 50...


I VG Pops Blue Lollipop E liquid features a beautiful berry concoction featuring sour Blueberries paired with ripe Raspberries blended with a delicious lollipop base. Adding an 18mg 10ml nicotine s..

IVG POPS Bubblegum Millio...


IVG Pops Bubblegum Millions Lollipop E liquid is your favourite Blue Bubblegum classic wrapped around a smooth flavourful lollipop base. A sweet reminiscent e juice flavour that'll take you back in ti..

IVG POPS Rainbow Lollipop...


IVG Pops Rainbow Lollipop E liquid is a classic candy fused vape featuring an array of sweet fruity flavours paired with a delicious lollipop base. Adding an 18mg 10ml nicotine shot to 50ml IVG e-l..

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