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IVG Blackberg E Liquid 10...


IVG Blackberg E Liquid is a cool and fruity blend. A combination of blueberry and blackcurrant flavours on inhale gives this mix a sweet and juicy base, enhanced on exhale by a wave of ice. Blackbe..

IVG Blackcurrant Millions...


IVG Blackcurrant Millions E Liquid is a balanced fusion of fruit and candy notes. The blackcurrant flavour on question comes through straight away with authentic juicy notes and a slight tart edge. ..

IVG Blue Raspberry E Liqu...


IVG Blue Raspberry E Liquid features a strong and sharp blue raspberry flavour as it’s base, this fruit is very sweet and edges towards tart. To finish there’s a layer of ice, that when combined wi..

IVG Bubblegum Millions E ...


IVG Bubblegum Millions E Liquid is made up of sweet and fruity notes. A distinctive bubblegum flavour comes through on inhale with a vibrant sugary taste. A slight blueberry note is mixed with a chewy..

IVG Cherry Waves E Liquid...


IVG Cherry Waves E Liquid combines a fruit flavour with a cool twist. The cherry flavour on inhale is of the dark variety so not only is it sweet it also has tart notes for a balanced vape, a wave of ..

IVG CHEW Peppermint Breez...


IVG CHEW Peppermint Breeze E Liquid is a mint blend with a bold flavour, ideal for vapers who prefer cooler tastes. A floral peppermint flavour is complemented by a sweet chewing gum for a balanced va..

IVG CHEW Tropical Berry 5...


IVG CHEW Tropical Berry E Liquid is a fruit medley consisting of dark yet sweet tastes. A mixture of rich yet juicy berries is complemented by juicy tropical fruit undertones, featuring a chewing gum ..

IVG CUSTARDS Butterscotch...


IVG CUSTARDS Butterscotch E Liquid is a rich dessert blend. The vanilla custard flavour base combines creamy notes with an overall sweetness, intensified on exhale by butterscotch notes to finish. ..

IVG CUSTARDS Lemon 50ml 0...


IVG CUSTARDS Lemon E Liquid is a dessert flavour that combines sweet and sharp notes. A rich vanilla custard makes up the base of this blend, with creamy notes; countered on exhale by a tangy lemon cu..

IVG DESSERTS Jam Roly Pol...


IVG Desserts Jam Roly Poly E Liquid is a dessert blend with a sweet and fruity finish. The pastry flavour is sweet and buttery with a taste like a traditional sponge, dusted with powdered sugar. Th..

IVG MENTHOL Blackberg 50m...


IVG Menthol Blackberg E Liquid is a combination of Blueberries and blackcurrant twisted with a signature Menthol cooling effect. Adding an 18mg 10ml nicotine shot to 50ml IVG e-liquid creates 60ml ..

IVG MENTHOL Rainbow Blast...


IVG Menthol Rainbow Blast E Liquid is a medley of tropical fruit flavours. Inspired by your favourite fruit sweets, you’ll detect strawberry, lemon, orange and tropical fruit hints. All this is rounde..

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