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Bubbly E Liquid Sweet Tre...


Bubbly E Liquid Sweet Treats By Doozy is sweet and fruity in equal measure. With a distinctive bubblegum flavour on inhale with notes of strawberry and banana, the sugary exhale helps to create an aut..

Lime Jelly Bean E Liquid ...


Lime Jelly Beans E Liquid Sweet Treats By Doozy keeps things sweet with a sour kick. The lime flavour has a sugary inhale which is matched by the citrus exhale with it’s tart notes for balance, combin..

Lush E Liquid Fruit Range...


Lush E Liquid Fruit Range By Doozy features a blend of sweet English strawberries with a generous splodge of clotted cream for a gorgeously sweet yet creamy yet smooth vape. Adding an 18mg 10ml nic..

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